7/3/23The Listening Room – Song SuffragettesNashville, TN8:00p
6/16/23private eventNashville, TN7:00p
6/10/23private eventNashville, TN8:00p
5/28/23private eventNashville, TN7:00p
4/14/23private eventNashville, TN6:00p
3/13/23The Listening Room. Song SuffragettesNashville, TN6:00p
2/23/23Sonnys, The ClubhouseNashville, TN9:30p
11/28/22The Well CoffeehouseNashville, TN8:00p-10:00p
11/19/22The Frist Nashville, TN1:00p-3:00p
10/30/22Sumner FestHendersonville, TN3:30p
8/14/22Vinyl TapNashville, TN7:00p
8/13/22Café CocoNashville, TN7:00p
8/6/22Sumner FestHendersonville, TN4:00p
7/16/22Rock Castle Singer Songwriter ConcertHendersonville, TN5:00p
7/3/22Freedom FestivalHendersonville, TN5:30p
7/2/22Cabana TapsNashville, TN6:00-7:00p
6/28/22Jolly Ollie’sHendersonville, TN6:00-7:30p
6/14/22Cabana TapsNashville, TN6:00p-7:00p
6/7/22LTH Coffee and SocialNashville, TN6:00p-9:00p
5/24/22Porch Light PickersNashville, TN6:00p
5/20/22PVC StoreNashville, TN6:00p
5/17/22True Music RoomNashville, TN6:00-7:00p
5/4/22Bobby’s Idle HourNashville, TN8:00p-9:00p
4/29-4/30Spring Showcase – Vol StateGallatin, TN7:30-9:30p
3/20/22Janes on TopNashville, TN7:00p
3/18/22NashvoxNashville, TN8:00p-9:00p
12/23/21Broadway NashvilleNashville, TN 
12/3/21-12/4/21Winter Showcase – Vol StateGallatin, TN 
10/22/2150th AnniversaryGallatin, TN 
8/23/21Backyard Bash at Cedarstone StudiosHendersonville, TN 
8/6/21Gatlingburg SquareGatlinburg, TN 
7/10/21Private WeddingAnderson, SC 
6/6/21Camp Cedarstone Songwriters PerformanceHendersonville, TN 
5/29/21Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock CastleHendersonville, TN 
3/20/21An Evening With FolkloreVirtual Concert @TheCampfireSeries 
2/27/21672 BrewWhite House, TN 
10/10/20672 BrewWhite House, TN 
10/10/20Private EventFranklin, TN 
10/3/20White House Expo & Safety DayWhite House, TN 
9/12/20672 BrewWhite House, TN 
8/15/20Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock CastleHendersonville, TN 
8/7/20Hendersonville HooplaHendersonville, TN 
06/26 – 6/27/2020Shakespeare On The LakeHendersonville, TN 
6/20/20Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock CastleHendersonville, TN 
5/26/20If The World Was EndingVirtual Collaboration @Youtube 
05/24 – 5/30/2020Disney WorldOrlando, FL 
5/9/20Relay For LifeHendersonville, TN 
4/4/20The DepotGallatin, TN 
4/8/20Private EventHendersonville, TN 
4/4/20The DepotGallatin, TN 
3/10/20Private EventGoodlettsville, TN 
12/19/19The Club at Fairvue PlantationGallatin, TN 
12/17/19Private EventHendersonville, TN 
12/14/19Private EventGallatin, TN 
12/13/19Cedarstone ChristmasHendersonville, TN 
12/11/19Private EventNashville, TN 
12/7/19Streets of Indian LakeHendersonville, TN 
12/6/19Private EventHendersonville, TN 
12/5/19Private EventHendersonville, TN 
12/3/19Private EventHendersonville, TN 
11/8 – 11/9/2019Northfield ChurchGallatin, TN 
10/26/19Station Camp High School (w/The Tones)Gallatin, TN 
9/21/19Streets of Indian LakeHendersonville, TN 
8/24/19Backyard Bash at Cedarstone StudiosHendersonville, TN 
8/17/19Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock Castle (w/The Tones)Hendersonville, TN 
8/3/19Fire On The Water Festival (w/The Tones)Gallatin, TN 
7/13/19Battle Of The BandsGallatin, TN 
07/05 – 07/06/2019Shakespeare on the LakeHendersonville, TN 
7/3/19Freedom FestivalHendersonville, TN 
6/22/19Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock Castle (w/The Tones)Hendersonville, TN 
5/26/19Mellow Mushroom DowntownNashville, TN 
4/27/19Northfield ChurchGallatin, TN 
4/6/19Depot SquareGallatin, TN 
4/6/19Hendersonville Public LibraryHendersonville, TN 
9/27/18Taste of HendersonvilleHendersonville, TN 
9/23/18Backyard Bash at Cedarstone StudiosHendersonville 
9/15/184 Corners Bar & GrillNashville, TN 
9/9/18Hayes Street HotelNashville, TN 
8/12/18Hayes Street HotelNashville, TN 
8/10/18Swaney Swift’sGallatin, TN 
7/28/18Belcourt TapsNashville, TN 
7/17/18Swaney Swift’sGallatin, TN 
7/13/18Stompin’ GroundsHendersonville, TN 
6/23/18Cedarstone Recording StudiosHendersonville, TN 
6/19/18Music on the SquareGallatin, TN 
6/12/18Swaney Swift’sGallatin, TN 
6/2/18PorchfestHendersonville, TN 
5/26/18Summer Songwriters at Historic Rock CastleHendersonville, TN