I’m Chloe Duvall. About 5800 days on the planet, and 2900 of those days writing, singing, playing and performing music. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, with my Dad always playing guitar after work, I was immersed in music from the beginning. At age 8, I taught myself guitar so I could rock out on my favorite songs. By the time I was 12, I'd written my first song and was asked to perform it at the Listening Room in Nashville. It was that very night that I knew music was going to be my life journey.

For me, expression comes in the form of sincere and meaningful music. I pour out what’s in me and I hope someone likes it. I might start into a song and not know where it’s coming from or why. But, then someone will tell me how much it meant to them when they heard it. That’s what it’s all about... being true to what you were meant to do. So, If you see me doing my thing at a local gig, be sure to say hi!